Take a break from the outside world and let our trained aromatherapist ease away the tension and stress from your body, massaging you with essential oils hand picked by our specialist to suit your individual needs. Using the best essential oils from nature distilled from flowers, trees and shrubs and their fruits, blooms, leaves, stems and roots, to restore the harmony to your body and mind. 

The inhalation of the scent combined with the nurturing effects of touch will help to relax your muscles, ease away aches and pains, as well as boost your circulation and eliminate toxins from your body, meaning that this is the perfect treatment for the busy man or woman.

This ancient art can be traced back over 3000 years, seen through medical texts detailing the use of essential oils used for therapeutic purposes. Some examples of essential oils include:

Rose - great for relaxation with it’s warm, deep floral sent, helping to ease stress and insomnia as well as brilliant for sore throats or sensitive skin

Clary Sage - has a sweet, spicy herbal aroma, providing a warming effect. This essential oil is particularly good for asthma and other respiratory problems.

Lavender - calming and therapeutic and is great for burns, colds and muscle aches with its sweet floral woody smell.

Bergamot - has a refreshing and uplifting quality to it, great for loss of appetite and colds, it has a sweet and spicy aroma to it.


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