Ever dreamt of being part of the most spectacular scenes in cinema - performing visually stunning manouevres to wow the sternest of audiences. Join our bespoke stunt-school and learn the ropes from an expert before trying out the stunts in complete safety for yourselves!

We've all seen it - the actor smashes through a pane of glass, somersaults about forty times and rolls through a ring of fire without so much as a scratch on them. Now, how great would it be to get to do that sort of thing yourself!? Learn the tricks of the trade from a stunt professional and try out some awe inspiring actions in total safety. 


With expert tuition, you will learn to limber up correctly before taking on any number of rolls, leaps, falls and sugar glass stunts. Have your team live the most exciting lives in showbiz and perfect some truly death defying moves. 


After it has all been mastered, have the team put together a series of stunts for a heart stopping performance finale. You'll then be begging to take on the exploding cars and twelve foot crocodiles!


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